Pre New Years Eve snacks!!

Chicken tenders wrapped with bacon, seasoned with chile powder and brown sugar.  They taste even better than they look if that’s possible…Mrs chef Snausy scores again!!

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Another Amore Trattoria Christmas Party!

Thanks again, Pummill ProMark for another great Christmas party – the food was amazing, the service was superb, and the company was unsurpassed!  Grazie Mille!!

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Happy Birthday, Lo Lo!

Thanks for making these amazing Taco cupcakes…they were super delish!

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New Art freehand through my onboard filter. I like the original, but this version is even better!!

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Tailgating Chili!

There’s something about September, Farmers Markets and college football that screams “Make Chili!”. Well, that and a coworker’s comment and a quick review of chili cook-offs from the past. We scored a peck of Beefsteak tomatoes at the Rockford Farmers Market with the intention of canning a few quarts of diced tomatoes. Some of those lovely maters were reserved for a small batch of fresh sausage chili. We added some amazing poblano peppers from our ingredient quest last weekend, along with a bunch of secret items. Hopefully it turns out OK. The color of these tomatoes is testimony to the freshness of the homegrown fruit this time of year 🍅🍅🍅

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Table Design!

I saw my dining room table beautifully adorned this way when I got home today…..Mrs. Snausy is nothing short of amazing!!

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Birthday Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Thanks to my lovely wife for making me these amazing chocolate chip cookies!!

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