Early Bird in Leland!

08 Feb

It  surely seems like a long time since I wrote about food – I guess giving your Dad up to Jesus can be like that.  I haven’t forgotten all the amazing meals I’ve shared with my Pop, though…so to “get back in the saddle” you get to hear about a breakfast kitchen in Leland.The last meal I made for my Dad was breakfast, and I’m sure he’d approve of this Early Morning food.  The Early Bird has enough kudos about being next door to the other place, so let’s keep our focus on the place and the food at hand….

earlybirdsideThe parking lot is perfect in ratio to how many people might fit in the dining area.  If you can’t find a spot in the parking lot, drive around the block a few times and check out Leland.  A spot across the street will  put you in an old-fashioned grocery store, but let’s stay with the Early Bird…if you get there at the right time, youl’ll be rewarded for your effort.

Located in quaint “downtown” Leland, the Early Bird resides on the main street of this lakeside settlement..  Having hiked on North Manitou, I can say that breakfast at the Early Bird may be the last civilized meal you have for a while if taking on that challenge.  My last meal there did not include a visit to the Island, but my experience eating breakfast rivaled some of my favorite memories of this really cool restaurant.

I’ve marveled at some of the reviews of he Early Bird.  I’ve eaten here a sum total of two times.  Each time the service has been spot-on.

Nicole, our server, is one of the most efficient I’ve encountered in a long time.  She was our server the last time we were in the Early Bird way too many months ago, and I remember her passion for taking care of us then.  Normally I don’t rant about service, but when it’s this good I like to tip my hat and say thank you….Thanks,Nicole!


I asked, and it’s true – the hollandaise is not made fresh.(Thanks for telling the truth!)  That being said, I’ve eaten Eggs Benedict a lot of places and a lot of different ways, and to say that Early Birds’ rendition that day was amazing is an understatement.  The ingredients, including the perfectly toasted english muffin and thinly sliced smokey pork, went with the most perfectly poached egg I’ve seen at a restaurant in a long time.  Kudos to the cook staff at this place – they put passion into the meals we ate and the flavors proved it.


Again, apologies for my camera – this food looked WAY better than these shots convey. Good luck with the menu pics.


The Early Bird is a cool place to hang out and eat really good breakfast food.  Nothing outrageous here, just good breakfast in a fun little town.
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One response to “Early Bird in Leland!

  1. sachemspeaks

    February 8, 2014 at 11:10 am

    I truly understand what you are going through, so take your time and welcome back my friend, you have been missed. 🙂


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