Johnny’s BBQ in Cullman, Alabama!

06 Nov

When traveling south with my Dad this year, I thought it might be a good idea to see if Johnny’s BBQ was still serving their famous Alabama-style bar-b-que.  Sure enough, after being re-directed last year into thinking they were closed, my Dad and I managed to make our way back to the Mecca of Alabama BBQ.  Pardon this Yankee’s biased opinion, but the food at Johnny’s is absolutely worth a day and half drive just to eat…

Sorry, I know I normally put up pictures of the place, but the food here transcends the obscure and unassuming exterior, which upon further investigation whilst taking outside sign photos, might actually be an old drive-thru bank of some type….

I actually remember being here a couple of years ago on our same southerly migration towards the Gulf of Mexico, and I was quite pleased to discover that Johnny’s was still alive and kickin’ out their famous flavors.  I suppose for the people that live near this place it might seem mostly normal, but coming from Michigan I can tell you, this is some of the best tasting bbq I’ve ever tasted!

My Dad was having fun checking out the menu – but I already knew what I was going to order.  Since Johnny’s  boasts a brilliant website complete with history of the restaurant along with menus, I already planned on the BBQ Pork plate with cole slaw and baked beans, crinkle cut fries smothering the smoked pork…if you aren’t gunking by now (gunk = swallow from hunger) you aren’t reading this properly.

Here’s Dad’s BBQ Chicken plate – homemade potato salad and a roll if you look to your left – he claimed it was some of the best he’d ever eaten!

I’m from way up north in Michigan, so Johnny’s BBQ for me is the quintessential southern BBQ joint…y’all come on in and tell me I’m wrong!! Click here to check out Johnny’s BBQ

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