David Delski’s Prime Meats!

05 Sep

A good friend of mine sent this over to me recently and I felt compelled to share – I’ll let you know when I get a chance to visit for myself.

Here’s a link to David Delski’s Prime Meats FaceBook page – and a fine description of Todd’s last visit….enjoy!

“It’s a real old school butcher shop in the Chateau Center Plaza by 44th & Burlingame. Very high quality meats, with the orders packed in butcher’s paper like the old days. An amazing selection of just about everything you could think of. I tried the ground chuck, babyback ribs & beer brats & was most impressed. The prices are a little higher than the grocery store, but not too bad really & the quality is well worth it. Very friendly folks. The capper was they were playing “Don’t ease me in” from the “Go to Heaven” album, so they’re a bunch of Deadheads too! It’s like the butcher shop equivalent of what Shakedown Street used to be?”


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