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28 Aug

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This was my first time in the Green restaurant, located on the East Beltline just north of Knapp’s Corner. As usual, I’ve driven by a bunch of times, and today, I felt like a lunch that was healthy and not so heavy. I got my wish!

The interior of Green restaurant is clean, inviting and comfortable. You order at the end of the counter, then they bring out your food – somewhat cafeteria-style, I suppose, but not awkward or uncomfortable.

We were given ample descriptions of the various menu items we wondered about, and ultimately decided on an organic beef cheeseburger (with bleu cheese) and the Bacon Turkey Sandwich, which came with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoe and a nice chipotle mayo. Both sandwiches came with a choice of chips or salad for a side – we both opted for the salad.

I haven’t eaten at many “organic” restaurants, so I don’t have a lot of experience with this type of menu. Most places will give you a couple of “organic” or locally-sourced options, but Green restaurant is ALL organic. (with the possible exception of Coke as a beverage – and believe me, they offer LOTS of organic juice and other beverage choices…) I loved the Ball Mason jars for my water glass – nice touch. I thought the burger was excellent – it was seasoned nicely, and cooked perfectly. The bleu cheese added a nice tang, and the whole wheat bun was fresh and flavorful. I did get a chance to sample the Bacon Turkey sandwich – the turkey was very flavorful and the chipotle mayo added a nice kick. There could have been a bit more bacon, but when I did get a bite of it, it really made the sandwich sing! The bread did look like commercial bread, but it was fresh and tasty. I would agree with one of the other reviewers in that I expected a more artisanal bread experience, but let’s face it – this isn’t Zingerman’s. They do offer gluten-free bread choices, as well. The salad was yummy, although I might ask for a bit more dressing the next time, and the cherry tomato was extra good, but again, I would’ve liked to have two instead of just one.

I’m looking forward to trying Green restaurant again – they’re open for dinner and their entree offerings look mighty tasty! As for the prices, I don’t think they’re out of line for an organic place. It was nice to get a reasonable portion for a change, too. I left feeling satisfied both from a fullness point of view and also from a “taste-buds are happy” point of view!

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