Cheshire Grill on Plainfield!

12 Jul

Mrs. Snausy has been talking about The Cheshire Grill for a few weeks, and today she said “Let’s go there for lunch!”  I hadn’t been in there in well over three decades, and was very willing to see what the newer Cheshire Grill was all about, so off we went.  I stole this picture from the GR Chamber of Commerce site so you’d know what the outside of the restaurant looks like.

The inside is bright, cheery and very clean.  We were greeted promptly and enthusiastically by Paige, our server, who showed us to a booth in the “Blue” section.  They have a “Red” section and what looks like a smaller dining area near the back of the place – much bigger than I remember it years ago.  We were both very comfortable and felt right at home.

The menu features a number of breakfast and lunch items.  Mrs. Snausy opted for the Chicken Salad Croissant sandwich which came with beer-battered french fries.  She was very happy with the Chicken Salad sandwich and commented that she’d order it again.  Chicken Salad is something she knows quite a bit about, so that’s a compliment coming from her. I tried a bite of it as well and thought it tasted very good – nice and fresh, with a good balance of dressing and other ingredients.  I liked the beer-battered fries, but Mrs. Snausy still likes the old fashioned fries, even though she did like these as well.

I ordered the daily special, which was a Sloppy Joe with American cheese, onion and dill pickle with BBQ potatoe chips as a side (I ordered mine without the American cheese)

As I was taking these photos, one of the Chefs came around and commented “I hope your meals are ‘photo-worthy’…we take our food seriously here!”  I have to say that their passion shines through – my sloppy joe was a perfect consistency, I liked the addition of cumin spice (I hope I got that right) and the onions and pickle made for an unusually excellent sloppy joe (I should add that the bun was very fresh – kudos!)

As I was finishing my plate, I noticed some fresh plants in the front window.  I’m assuming they were fresh herbs…along with this beautiful pepper plant!  I can only hope I’m eating here when these are harvested…gotta love “Farm to Plate” when the farm is in the front window!!

We were very impressed with the service we received, and will definitely be back to try the burgers and breakfast – keep up the good work!
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