Out in the Boon Dock’s!

20 Mar

I flew down to meet my father in Panama City Beach last week to do our annual ‘migration’ back north to Michigan.  Being in the Panhandle of Florida, hard by the Gulf of Mexico, one must avail themselves of the fine fresh seafood that we just can’t get in the Great White North.

My Dad has bragged about Boon Dock’s for years – we both like the food at the Capt’s Table, but he has claimed that Boon Dock’s is better.  After visiting Boon Dock’s I think I agree with him.  I hadn’t eaten all day, so that may have enhanced my ‘tasting experience’, but I will say one thing – fresh is an understatement at this seafood establishment which is located on the banks of the Intercoastal Waterway on the West Bay, on highway 79 near Panama City Beach, Florida.

The atmosphere of Boon Dock’s is evident immediately – you really do feel like you’re out in the boondocks when you arrive.  Fortunately they have plenty of signs guiding you into this seafood hideaway…and when you walk into the dining room, this is what awaits you…

The space is inviting, open yet cozy, and just exudes “seafood” – being able to see the water from our table was a real treat!

My Dad and I both ordered the 1/2 and 1/2 combo meal, with grilled grouper and deep fried shrimp.  The grilled grouper came with grilled veggies, and we both got the onion rings and cheesy grits.  The freshness and flavor of the grouper and shrimp was amazing – I would easily say they were the best I’ve ever eaten.  The grouper was grilled to perfection, and the light breading/coating on the shrimp was perfectly spiced and really allowed the flavor of those plump, fresh-from-the Gulf shrimp to shine through.  We also had an appetizer of deep fried pickles…excellent as well.  The hushpuppies served at Boon Dock’s are sweet and crispy – not greasy at all.

Holly, our server, did an incredible job – she made us feel right at home and I was extremely impressed with her efficiency.  Ken the cook hit a home run with our food – I highly recommend this place and would encourage anyone who’s in the area to pop in and experience this amazing little slice of seafood paradise!
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