Westwood Whaler!

23 Feb

Just in time for Lent, Westwood At The Crossing has added a new menu item – the Westwood Whaler!  Although the name suggests an offering from an unnamed <shudder> fast food chain, this sandwich is nothing like what you’d expect to pick up through the drive-thru.

The Westwood Whaler comes in two versions – one piece and two piece.  The beautifully deep-fried pollack fillets rest on a kaiser roll, complete with a slice of american cheese and – you guessed it – HOMEMADE tartar sauce!  When I first heard of this sandwich I just knew it was going to be spectacular.  The owner at Westwood uses nothing but the finest ingredients and his culinary prowess, expertly executed by a passionate cook staff, is always spot on.

Here’s what the two-piece Westwood Whaler looks like – I’ll try to get better pics to post later…….

Cook BJ (pictured below) cooked and assembled this stunning sandwich – vibrant textures and exquisite flavors abound! While photographing this incredibly tasty looking Lenten offering, I was able to get a quick “Flavor Review” from one of my favorite professional chef’s, Chef Bill – he gave it two thumbs up, since his mouth was full enjoying the Westwood Whaler.  Try one today!

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Posted by on February 23, 2012 in Restaurant Reviews!


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