New Haven – Here we come!

25 May

Fate has dealt Snausy Snacks a wonderful hand….chances are extremely good we will have a chance to visit New Haven, Connecticut very soon.  Mrs. Snausy managed to qualify for the ADO (American Darts Organization) 501 National All-Star team, with a chance to compete for the ADO 501 National Singles Championship (congratulations, Mrs. Snausy!) in Stamford, Connecticut.

Of course, as soon as I discovered where this event is taking place, I immediately Googled how far it is to New Haven, CT, since two of the best pizza places in the world reside there.  Many may not be aware, but it was this information (and lots more in the book “American Pie – My Search for the Perfect Pizza”, authored by Peter Reinhart) that gave birth to this blog.

It just seems appropriate that I would get a chance to sample Frank Pepe’s famous pizza pie…so for all you pizza aficianados, here’s their menu….and a look at the famous pizzas….
Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

Obviously there will be first-hand reports and pictures to follow…..can’t wait to try this famous pizza!

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