Review of Westwood At The Crossing!

27 Apr

Westwood at the Crossing on Urbanspoon

Westwood at the Crossing on Urbanspoon
Welcome to Westwood At The Crossing – quite possibly one of the Grand Rapids area’s best kept secrets!

While this local bar and restaurant is very familiar to steel-tip darters across the Midwest, and indeed, across the entire USA, folks around town may not know that Westwood At The Crossing has some of the best food in town.  The owner has a culinary touch that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.  His original recipes, executed perfectly by his kitchen staff and served by an enthusiastic and efficient wait staff are incredibly delicious – and affordably priced.  The attention to detail, especially the quality ingredients, makes eating at the Westwood truly memorable.
There’s full bar service here, featuring one of the most extensive selections of Irish Whiskey that I’ve ever encountered.  The proprietors are very Irish indeed – and the Toucan Lounge features many Irish dishes that are inspired by recipes from the old country.  Sheperd’s Pie, Bangers and Mash and of course, Guiness on tap are just a few of the authentic Irish selections available.  The restaurant features outstanding appetizers and “bar” foods that are sure to please any size appetite and taste.
There really should be several pages for describing the edibles that come out of the Westwood’s kitchen, but I’ll describe a couple of them now and add pages as the menu continues to be sampled!
 One of the newer additions to the Westwood At The Crossing menu is called Grilled Italian Sliders…this is the first time I ever saw anything like this at any restaurant. A flour tortilla begins the list of ingredients, with three kinds of cheese, spices and an incredible marinara sauce rounding out this spicy taste of southern Europe (with some South American notes subtely emerging.) It’s got a nice grilled component that adds texture and an additional flavor layer that just begs to be eaten in a couple of bites! You get two of these tasty treats for an extremely reasonable price….try ’em and see!
French Dip Sliders
These pretty much speak for themselves…you take a classic French Dip sandwich, divide by three, and side it up with the best au jus in town, and Viola! Recipes are not available due to lockjaw cases in most of the employees…my quest is not yet complete…..and no, this guy doesn’t pay me to say this…

French Dip Sliders

Steak Quesadillas
If a picture paints a thousand words, then this picture just wrote a novel on my tastebuds…grilled sirloin steak with spices and sandwiched between two incredible tortillas/flatbread – the depth of this bite needs to be experienced to properly describe it. There’s a lot going on here – it screams of Philly cheesesteak on steroids, with a spicy kick that reminds me of an awesome steak/green burrito. Served pizza-style, and make sure to ask for extra napkins and a fork and knife…the thickness of this quesadilla will challenge your conception of a “normal” quesadilla…buenos comidas!

Steak Quesadillas

Lots more to come about the Westwood At The Crossing – visit often for updates!

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